What all two-wheel lovers should know about motorcycle batteries

Mzansi is famous for its scenic routes inland and along the coast. One great way to enjoy the breathtaking views and the open air, is on a motorcycle. Whether you and your crew are cruising out of town or around the city to feel the wind in your hair, a smooth ride will depend on a reliable, high-quality motorcycle battery.

No maintenance motorcycle batteries

A good quality and reliable motorcycle battery can last for several years. The technology used in lead-acid starter batteries should

  • Not spill or leak.
  • Be safe to use.
  • Be maintenance-free.
  • Be environmentally friendly.


TLC for batteries

While some motorcycle batteries are maintenance-free, motorcyclists should take measures to ensure they get the best performance out of the battery.

When a motorcycle stands idle, the battery continues to discharge.  Don’t allow the battery to run flat. Keep it sufficiently charged to avoid needing a jumpstart.

It is advisable to connect the motorcycle battery to a smart charger when not in use. This will extend the lifespan of the battery and, importantly, ensure your motorcycle is ready to go anytime you decide to start your new adventure. Your local Battery Centre can assist you with the right charger for your needs.

If your motorcycle needs a jumpstart, do not use a car to get the bike going again.  A car battery is more powerful than a motorcycle battery.  Using a car to jumpstart a motorbike can force too much power too quickly, which can damage the bike’s battery and electrical system.

In addition to this, when a motorcycle stands for long periods, corrosion on the battery can occur, affecting battery performance.  An easy way to keep the battery free of corrosion is to keep the terminals clean with a baking soda and water mix.  Do this especially after your motorcycle hasn’t been used in a long time.

The future of motorcycle batteries is here 

“Motorcyclists should enjoy years of fantastic rides with good quality batteries for their bikes,” said Murray Long Managing Director of First National Battery. “Battery technology has advanced so much, that there is now also an option to power bikes with lithium-ion batteries. One of the biggest advantages of lithium-ion is that the discharge rate is slow, and the battery can perform better in cold weather. This makes lithium-ion perfect to power bikes during South Africa’s cold months,” he added.

For a high-performing motorcycle battery that is ideal for your ride, visit the trusted battery specialists.  They’ll give you great advice on how to take better care of your battery and they offer comprehensive free battery checks. The battery specialists recommend all motorists get their batteries checked twice a year, and this includes testing the alternator and starter.