Top car maintenance tips all drivers should know

There are two types of motorists: Those who switch their cars on, get a regular car wash, and call for help when they have a problem. Other motorists take time inspecting every inch of their vehicle, listen to every noise, hum and rattle, and spring into action when something sounds off. Whether you’re driving a young or mature vehicle, it deserves more than just a car wash to stay in good condition and keep you going for the long haul.  

“For most motorists, a car is an investment, and regular maintenance means they can enjoy many years of safe travels, save fuel, and save on costly and unexpected repairs,” said Jason Ravenscroft, Franchise Manager at First Battery Centre 

Here are the top five car maintenance tips the trusted battery specialists swear by and want all motorists to know.  

1. Rotate the tyres

Distribute tyre wear evenly and make sure you get maximum distance from them. Refer to your car manual for rotation instructions, however, a good rule of thumb is every 9 000 to 12 000 kms.   

2. Lighten your key holder

Limit your key holder to only the key needed to start your vehicle. A heavy load can wear out the ignition tumblers, leading to ignition switch failure. An early warning sign that the switch is about to fail is when the key ‘sticks’ when you turn the vehicle on.  

3. Always travel with an emergency kit

Include jumper cables (or a jump starter power bank), torch, jack, and power bank. Any one of these items can be a lifesaver should your car break down.  

4. Check the wipers

Worn-out wipers can leave streaks on the windshield, affecting your visibility. Check the rubber strips for signs of cracking and replace when worn out. It’s an easy task you can do yourself and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.  

 5. Be kind to the battery

Even if your battery is maintenance-free, you should keep an eye on it. Do a visual inspection and keep it clean from dirt and corrosion. Also, check for damage such as cracks or bulges, a tell-tale sign that the battery needs to be replaced.  

Routine maintenance will ensure your car remains on the road, is reliable, looks good, and saves you money on unexpected repairs. On top of these expert tips, the specialists also recommend motorists get their batteries checked twice a year. A regular battery check-up can forewarn motorists of problems and help extend the battery life.