The only load you should be shedding this time of year is for your Summer body

Someone, somewhere is sighing in frustration as they encounter another round of loadshedding. It could be as their favourite TV show reaches a penultimate moment, a colleague arriving late to work because her alarm clock didn’t go off or a power outage in the middle of a pitch-winning presentation.

Due to higher demands in the Summer months, for climate control and increased manufacturing outputs, the power grid experiences stress. This results in rolling blackouts, which are more commonly known as loadshedding for many South Africans.

Here are some tips to keep you on time, occupied and entertained in the dark.

  • Download one of the many apps that sync with your location and get notified before loadshedding affects you. Check your app store for more info.
  • Of course, for the above to work, your device needs to be charged. Charge your device while you still have electricity. If you’ve missed that opportunity, use your car charger or invest in a powerbank for extra juice.
  • Loadshedding generally stops at 11PM. If you’re a night-owl, do a load of “loadshedding-washing” to avoid delaying your laundry routine.
  • Plan your day around loadshedding, fit in a gym session, read a book on your charged Kindle or have some me-time with your friends.
  • If you have school going kids, ensure they complete their homework while the sun is shining. And be sure to invest in emergency lights that you could use in the evening. Remember to charge them while you have electricity.
  • Lastly, it is strongly recommended you invest in a portable power solution for your home and office. There are many options available, however the solutions on offer at Battery Centre have been developed and tested by the battery specialists. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards and have a warranty you can trust.

Before the next wave of loadshedding hits your neighbourhood, visit Batterycentre and explore one of the many solutions to keep your lights on.

P.S. It’ll also confuse your neighbours when they check to see if you have power.