Imagine a life uninterrupted by power cuts or load shedding. Dive into the future of energy with our cutting-edge Solar & Backup Power solutions.

Say goodbye to unexpected blackouts because you have found the perfect solution.

Solar Batteries and Backup Solutions

Our versatile and robust batteries are ideal for various applications with high-performance power for solar and backup systems. With impressive CCA ratings, our batteries thrive in harsh weather conditions and offer a compact, easy installation.

High Energy Density

Can store a significant amount of energy in a compact space, allowing for prolonged use.

Deep Cycle Capability

Designed for repeated deep discharging, which means they can be depleted and recharged multiple times without significant capacity loss.

Lithium-Ion Technology

Many modern solar batteries use this technology, which offers high efficiency, long life, and a lightweight design.


Elevate your energy experience with our state-of-the-art inverters, designed for peak performance and reliability. Enjoy unmatched conversion efficiency and harness the sun’s energy even in sub-optimal sunlight, thanks to our wide input voltage range. With Dual MPPT, expandability, and seamless integration with energy storage, you’re set for consistent power.

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