Silence, efficiency, an electric future and how Battery Centre is leading the way

The future of motoring is silent and less harmful to the planet with the introduction of fully-electric cars, brought about by pressure on vehicle manufacturers to cut down emissions and reduce their carbon footprint.

First came Hybrid cars, which made use of traditional fuel-powered engines in conjunction with a battery-powered motor for shorter distances. The Hybrid car served as a springboard for fully electric cars that no longer rely on fuel, and have achieved zero-emission status.

Solutions from the world’s finest manufacturers
Solutions by Tesla, BMW and Nissan have welcomed fully-electric vehicles by adopting pouch lithium-ion batteries — a single car containing multiple battery packs that power the car for a particular range. However, these cars still rely on grid power from a standard wall socket. We see you, Eskom.

Cars such as the Nissan Leaf are equipped with a battery pack that allows the driver to travel up to 363km on a full-charge. Designed for city driving, the range is substantially less than a car with a full tank of fuel. Cars such as the BMW i8 or the Tesla Model S can travel up to 827km on a single charge. The extended range of larger electric vehicles is seeing more drivers making the conscious decision to switch to electric vehicles.

What does the future hold?
As electric vehicles become more popular, the infrastructure needs to adapt to the recharging requirements. More filling stations and shopping centres will be required to install charging stations on their property.

The bigger picture for battery specialists
While the infrastructure is just one part of the future of motoring, specialised battery maintenance is key to success. Battery specialists who are able to assess, repair and service these batteries are a vital component to electric motoring.

Battery Centre, the largest battery specialist network in South Africa is geared and ready for the future of motoring and are the leaders in electric vehicle battery servicing in South Africa.