Refurbished or new? The question on every motorist’s mind when their car battery fails.

Motorists understand how important the battery is to keep their vehicles moving and power the radio, air conditioning, indicators, lights, remote locks, and more. And it’s never a good time to hear that click sound that indicates your car battery has given up the ghost leaving you to figure out how to find the right battery for your car, at an affordable price.  

In these tough economic times, buying a refurbished battery to save money may seem like a good idea, but any auto mechanic or battery specialist will advise against it, as it can lead to more significant and expensive problems down the road and leave you back at square one, sooner than you expected.1 Though second-hand batteries will save you a few bucks in the short term, they do have a shorter lifespan, can leak through damaged casing (often invisible at the time of purchase), and can cause damage to your car, leaving your with additional unforeseen repair costs. 

Here are five reasons to choose a reliable battery recommended and fitted by a trusted battery fitment specialist. 

  1. Battery will be approved by your vehicle manufacturer and made to your car’s exact specifications.  
  2. Come with a 12- to 24-month nationwide warranty. 
  3. Have a longer lifespan and outperform any refurbished or cheap imported, unknown brand. 
  4. Protect the onboard computer system and car’s safety features. 
  5. Will be installed correctly to minimise vibration and potential damage and to ensure the battery’s warranty is not voided. 

And the best part? It will save you money, time, and inconvenience in the long run. 

When to replace a vehicle battery
A good quality battery that’s well taken care of should last between three to five years. Battery specialists recommend you do minimal maintenance, like making sure the battery is free of dirt and corrosion so that the power supply isn’t interrupted. And have it tested at least twice a year. Some specialist battery suppliers will do this test for free and in the process, test your car’s battery, starter, and alternator. 

Other signs that indicate the battery may be coming to the end of its life: 

  • Dim headlights 
  • A clicking sound when turning the key 
  • The engine is slow to crank 
  • Need to accelerate to get the car started. 

While everyone is looking at ways to save money, it doesn’t make sense or cents to save a few rands on your vehicle battery. Investing in the right battery that’s made for your car and approved by South Africa’s Original Equipment Manufacturers will keep your car going for the long haul and give you one less thing to worry about for years to come.