Prepare your leisure battery for the long weekend

Don’t let a dead battery ruin the start of your well-deserved break.

Even when you’re not using your caravan, it’s essential to maintain the leisure battery that powers your caravan. That’s because the battery continues to discharge even when the caravan is not in use.

Not only does the battery get you and your loved ones to your favourite holiday spot, but it also keeps the caravan lights on, making it possible to boil water for your morning coffee and powering necessary appliances. Thanks to the leisure battery, your caravan is more like your home away from home.

If you take care of and maintain your leisure battery the way the battery specialists advise, you and your loved ones can make many more happy memories during the holiday break.

Here are top tips from the experts on how to maintain leisure batteries.

Recharge your leisure battery when it reaches 50% power

If the battery runs completely flat before recharging, it can cause permanent damage, affecting the lifespan of your caravan’s battery.

Keep battery charged

An important part of maintaining leisure batteries is making sure the battery isn’t left uncharged. An uncharged battery could lead to the formation of a white deposit on the plates, which means the battery will no longer function.

Keep the battery clean

To keep your battery operating at an optimal level, make sure to keep it clean. And don’t forget to clean the battery terminals and connectors too.

Smelling something rotten?

An easy way to know if there is something wrong with the battery is if it gives off a rotten egg smell. This odour is usually the sign that the battery overcharged, causing permanent damage.

If you’re not sure about the state of your leisure battery or have questions on maintaining leisure batteries, don’t hesitate to call on the battery specialists. They also know all you need to know about safely recycling automotive batteries.