Planning an epic motorcycle journey? Check this one thing before you leave

When was the last time you took your motorcycle on a truly epic journey? Leaving the city lights behind with nothing but the open road ahead, South Africa is bursting at the seams with incredible sights and sounds.

There is no better time than now to get a few last rides in before the winter’s grip takes hold. The Alexandria Figure-Eight Loop is highly recommended if you need some inspiration for an incredible route.

Skirting the Eastern Cape coast, the 170km journey reaches an elevation of 1 752m and should take roughly four hours to finish. Starting in the small town of Alexandria, the route circles clockwise to Boknesstrand, back to town and then as far west as Kinkelbos and the Schotia Safaris game reserve. Not only will you see some wildlife and majestic views, but there are a few shipwrecks too.

Further inland, the Sani Pass is legendary among adventure seekers and offroad bikers. During winter, the pass is treacherous, so summer or autumn is the best time to experience the lush rolling hills. Be prepared though, as the 420km journey takes about eight hours to complete and reaches an elevation of 2 876m.

The right gear is half the adventure

As much as you would love to just jump on your motorbike while shouting “carpe diem” as you peel out of the driveway, you must make sure that you have the right gear. Not just for you and your protection, but also the preferred mode of two-wheeled transport.

Even then, nothing can put a damper on an epic journey faster than a motorbike that refuses to start. It would be easy to blame a dirty carburettor or clogged injector, but a faulty battery is the most common cause of start failure.

You could try to jumpstart it if you have another motorbike ready. But luckily, there is another solution: a free battery check from South Africa’s trusted battery specialists. And, if you can’t save your bike’s old battery, why not switch to lithium-ion?

“Motorcyclists should enjoy years of fantastic rides with good quality batteries for their bikes. Battery technology has advanced so much that there is now an option to power bikes with lithium-ion batteries. One of the biggest advantages of lithium-ion is that the discharge rate is slow, and the battery can perform better in cold weather,” explains Murray Long, Managing Director of First National Battery.

In addition to motorbikes, Battery Centre has power sources for scooters, golf carts, quad bikes, and all-terrain vehicles. It uses the imported high-quality lithium-ion brand Novelbat which comes with a two-year warranty.

So, before you pack up your gear for a trip from Cape Town to Lambert Bay or Johannesburg to Cullinan, stop by the trusted battery specialists for a free battery check. It only takes a few minutes, and your battery will never be replaced unless absolutely necessary.

“To keep the memories going, we listen to the motorbike riders who continue to support us. That’s why we will give you honest and trusted advice that’s in your best interest,” Long concludes.