More reasons to recycle your car battery

Lead-acid batteries power all types of vehicles on South Africa’s roads every day. And while the battery is key to moving commuters and economies, it’s a different story when the battery fails and is discarded incorrectly. Lead-acid is extremely dangerous to the environment, as it can contaminate the groundwater and negatively affect people and animals health 

The most efficient way to ensure batteries don’t cause harm is by ensuring they are discarded and recycled correctly. This provides the opportunity for the manufacturing company to recover valuable materials while protecting the environment. One of the most valuable materials recovered during vehicle battery recycling is lead, which is costly and harsh on the environment to mine. 

Here are the most important reasons why you should ensure your old automotive batteries are recycled in a safe and effective process, eliminating the chance of causing mishaps and pollution.

Reduce the burden on landfills
South Africa is drowning in waste. Research shows that 59 million tonnes of general waste ended up in landfills in 2011, and only 10% is recycled.  

“There are a limited number of landfills, and recycling old vehicle batteries will reduce the burden on landfills,” said Murray Long Managing Director of First National Battery. “By recycling vehicle batteries, dangerous elements like lead and sulphur is kept out of landfills,” he added. 

Saves energy
By recovering valuable minerals during the recycling process, parts of the vehicle battery can be reused. This reduces the need to manufacture components from scratch, saves resources, time and unnecessary energy consumed during the manufacturing process. 

Saves money
The cost of raw materials continues to increase, and by recycling up to 95% of battery componentsa large portion of materials can be reused to make new batteries. And this helps reduce the cost of new batteries.  

It’s the green thing to do
Safe and responsible recycling benefits everyone. By recycling your old car batteries, you’re taking care of the environment for future generations.  

When it’s time to replace your vehicle battery, make sure it’s with the trusted battery specialists, who will add your old battery to their recycling collection. Through their safe, reliable and environmentally responsible recycling process, the specialists will ensure your old battery gives life to new batteries which help power more vehicles.