Let the caravan and camping memories begin

Many people are ready to unwind after a long and tiring year. And nothing says “relax” and “festive season” quite like a camping trip with loved ones.

While the road trip is all about padkos and playlists, camping is about enjoying long and lazy days, relaxing next to the caravan.

To make sure you don’t run into any disappointments, start caring and maintaining your caravan, jet ski and boat batteries long before your road trip shifts into gear.

Unlike household batteries that can be used to power more than one device, car and leisure batteries are not interchangeable.

Car batteries switch on the engine so the alternator can kick in and continue to charge the battery while driving. Leisure batteries get drained when not in use, as they charge the alarm and other electronics in the caravan.

Even a good quality leisure battery needs special care, to ensure it performs at its peak.

Specialist advice to take care of your leisure battery

Maintenance of leisure batteries starts every time the caravan, jet ski or boat goes into storage after use. It’s important to ensure the battery is fully charged before storing.

  • When disconnecting the battery and removing it from the vehicle, it’s essential to store in a dry and warm environment with adequate ventilation.
  • Charge regularly with a maintenance charger, to avoid a full discharge, which can harm the battery and make it unusable and ready for recycling.
  • Avoid using the battery if it has less than 12V of power, as it becomes difficult to charge fully again and may not perform optimally.

When you’re ready to use your leisure vehicle again, determine the current charge condition of the battery. Readings are most accurate at least 4 hours after the battery has been disconnected or used.

You can always call on the trusted battery specialists at Battery Centre if you have questions on battery maintenance or getting leisure batteries recycled.