Full swing ahead with Trojan batteries

You’ve been at the driving range for weeks practicing that winning swing, as you’re about to tee off, your golf cart battery decides to call it a day. The caddy has no answers, the maintenance manager at the course has no answers and it seems like you’ll have to walk the course.

There’s a solution.

Golf carts should be low-maintenance. Most courses have qualified maintenance teams to take care of them. However, when it comes to your own golf cart, you should always make sure it is ready for game day.

Stick to a well-known and trusted brand, like the Trojan battery range. Not only are they reliable, they have a reputation for consistent performance and durability. In addition, here are three tips to keep your golf cart moving.

  1. Clean the terminals every three months
    By using a combination of baking powder and a toothbrush, you can very easily clean the battery terminals. To complete the process, spray an anti-corrosive spray to keep rust to a minimum.
  2. Your battery needs a special kind of hydration
    Use de-ionised water to keep your battery’s plates hydrated. They often dry up due to the South African heat and this could be the reason your battery has seen better days.
  3. Store your battery
    If you aren’t a frequent golfer, remember that by storing your battery you keep it ready for the next golfing season. When storing it, remember that it must be charged. Storing a discharged battery can cause irreversible damage.

To stay on par with golfing legends, get in touch with a Battery Centre near you and a trusted battery specialist will assist you with the perfect golf cart solution.

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