Motorcycle Battery Specialist – Check Your Battery With Tips From The Experts

The birds are chirping, the sun’s up and you’re ready for the breakfast run with the crew.

Just as you saddle up and turn the key, you hear the mood-killing ‘click’. After muttering a range of expletives, you wonder; could it be the battery?

You remember this could have been avoided if you’d looked out for these telltale symptoms as explained by the battery specialists, which include,

Trouble starting your motorcycle

Like any vehicle, a motorcycle requires electrical power to get going, and without a fully functioning battery, your motorcycle will struggle to start.

Trouble when idling your motorcycle

In addition to the battery providing a spark to get going, it also keeps your motorcycle running at idle. If you have to keep the throttle open to keep the motorcycle running, it’s time to have your battery checked.

Previous battery failure

Motorcycles aren’t equipped with large batteries like cars. When a motorcycle battery fails once, it weakens and results in further damage to the battery, which means it may be time to get that battery checked and replaced.

Take your motorcycle to a trusted battery specialist. Should your motorcycle battery need replacing, follow these tips when choosing a battery.

  1. Check for a warranty
    While battery wear and tear may be an important factor to consider, sometimes a battery will have a factory fault, which is when a warranty is essential. Battery Centre are one of the few specialists that offer 24- and 36-month warranty’s that are valid around the country.
  2. Make a conscious switch to lithium-ion
    With many auto manufacturers switching to low-emission engines to protect the environment, why shouldn’t you? Lithium-ion batteries are longer lasting and require less maintenance.
  3. Check the power ratings
    Power ratings indicate the battery’s strength. The higher the power rating, the better it works in your motorcycle. They may cost a little more, but in the long-term, they have many more benefits. Again, get a specialist’s advice.

Don’t miss out on feeling the wind in your hair on the next breakfast run with the crew, drop by the battery specialists for a free battery and alternator check.